On December 31, 2017 after looking over coinmarketcap.com and researching different cryptocurrency investment options for hours, and weighing future growth potential of each investment opportunity, Electra ECA caught my eye.


This was right before the launch of a new Electra website design which has since launched at electraproject.org. Something was different about Electra and made it stand out. It was radiating potential. I was immediately drawn to the coin initially because of the passion and support I noticed within the community, a rapidly growing community. I also was thanked by the official ECA twitter account simply for showing support and tweeting about the coin.

This positive encouragement and embrace by the Electra community made me appreciate being a part of the community and was a welcome that made my outlook on the future of Electra’s growth even more optimistic. Here are 5 reasons you might consider buying and “hoding” Electra ECA in 2018.


1. The Roadmap

When it comes to a cryptocurrency project the market is volatile, the investment is high risk, and many investors are quick to make decisions based on fear of missing out (FOMO) or Fear Uncertainty Doubt (FUD). Transparency of the development process and future plans for a coin can help bring confidence to coin “hodlers,” and with the ECA development team’s transparency and solid communication, this is clearly a major focus of the team. I cannot emphasize enough how much I appreciate the transparency and updates from the ECA development team. The roadmap can be downloaded directly from the official Electra website.


2. The Community 

Community is such a driving force behind Electra ECA’s future potential growth and the Electra community knows this. The Electra community is passionate about contributing and spreading the word about ECA and why they believe in Electra. Community members reach out to exchanges, create promotional graphics, share ideas, give constructive feedback, and show support when someone in the community faces adversity on a social media platform. At least that is what I have observed so far, which has strengthened my faith in the Electra community and made me glad to be a part of it.


3. The Price

In January 2018 ECA has already reached 1 cent, however it’s dropped back down to around .007 as of writing this and due to a surge in trading demand on coinsmarkets.com ECA trading stopped completely and has now been down for days. The ECA community has reached out to higher volume exchanges to add ECA in order to prevent any trading, buying, or selling inconvenience from happening again in the future. The demand is high, the community is growing, and the technology is exciting. All things considered, this coin has a lot of potential to grow in value rather quickly.


4. Your Future

If you haven’t noticed, the cryptocurrency market cap has experienced historical exponential growth and is helping to create a lot of new millionaires. It only took Experience Points (XP) 53 weeks to rise $13,700,000% in value.

The age of cryptocurrency certainly presents what seems to be a once in a lifetime opportunity for the brave to create new wealth during this historical “digital gold rush”. What could this mean for your future? If you can responsibly invest a few hundred to a thousand dollars into cryptocurrency, assuming you have done your research, and feel confident in the investment, then you could potentially make massive returns on your initial investment. If you need proof look no further than the investors and the “crypto rich” who have already taken serious profit off the table by holding onto their crypto investments. Do your own research and invest at your own risk. There is always the possibility that you end up the next crypto millionaire.


Disclosure: I hold an investment in Electra ECA as of writing this. Please note that this is not investment or financial advise and I implore you to do your own research with any investment. The views expressed are solely my own.

This article is written by Andrew Dubats

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